2M Sensors develops innovative products based on lasers and sensors using state of the art and advanced technology. Within 2M Sensors we have over the years built an extensive knowhow on lasers, laser optics, modules and laser applications.
A recurring problem we encountered is to quickly find the right laser matching application or specification as the landscape of suppliers is scattered. Furthermore prices are often high and available knowhow on where and how to apply lasers is often not well understood. We aim to offer a solution to these problems via our laser shop (www.2Mlasers.com).

2M acts as a one-stop-shop for all your laser build around the following cornerstones:

  • Offer a wide variety, complete portfolio of standard chip lasers (different lambda, power, spectra, bandwidth and speeds)
  • Customize lasers for specific applications or specifications
  • Provide any volume. From single piece to high volume
  • Offer best in class application support. Besides giving advice, we can also do a complete product development for you
  • Reasonable prices
  • Contact us for more information, suggestions or improvements.

    2M Sensors team

    Further information
    If you are interested in a product, please contact us at sales@2mlasers.com