Custom design

2M can develop the laser according to your requirements both on chip level as well as on package level. Development is executed in close operation with wafer foundries and packaging houses to ensure the design can be manufactured using proven state of the art of technology and hence a short time to market.

Pigtailed laser diodes

We offer custom build pigtailed laser diodes using PM, SM or MM fiber. Some examples are:

  • HHL Package Fiber Coupling with MM Fiber
  • Coaxial Package with SM/MM/PM Fiber
  • Butterfly package with build in cooler

All our fiber couplings are using edge technology, with high coupling efficiency. This technology can be used for MM, SM and PM fibers and for different wavelengths:

  • SM/PM/MM fiber: 405nm 532nm 635nm 650nm 685nm 785nm 808nm 830nm 850nm
  • SM/PM fiber: 1310nm 1550nm

Chip customization

We offer custom designed lasers, meeting your exact specifications. We can do variations in wavelength, optical parameters and power. We have built a very extensive and specific competence in the design of single mode Fabry Perot lasers in the red wavelength range.

Packaging customization

Available packages are for example TO, CAN or C-mount. Other packages are also available on request. We work together with leading partners to offer these OEM services quickly and at competitive prices. Please contact us for more details.

Lasers under development at 2M

Lasers we have now under development are multi wavelength(Blue) laser systems, Single Mode 650 and 670 nm laser diode, 2.5 / 10GBit 1310 nm FP lasers, 2.5 GBit 1550 nm, Quantum Cascade Lasers at 3.35, 4.2 and 4.6 um.

Further information
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